What is the AquaRockBag®?

The AquaRockBag®  is a high performance net filled with graded rocks to be used as a flexible, durable and sustainable solution for scour and water erosion control. Its unique characteristics - such as the ability to absorb water energy and adapt to the surface with minimal / no ground preparation - makes it the optimal alternative to conventional methods such as concrete, gabions or rip-rap revetments. 

It can be used in both fluvial and intertidal zones with main application areas being

  • Bank revetments
  • Protection of building foundations (e.g. bridge piers)
  • Prevention of coastal erosion

The enormous advantages of using AquaRockBag® lay in the ease of use, rapid filling process and very precise installation as well as high resistance against abrasion and UV radiation.

AquaRockBag® is made from highly abrasion and UV resistant virgin materials ensuring high performance levels, great longevity and low environmental risk.

AquaRockBags® are used in fresh and saline water conditions with typical application areas being river banks, shores and bridge piers.

AquaRockBags® offer numerous benefits including a fast and easy installation as well as providing habitats for a diverse range of marine und freshwater invertebrates.

AquaRockBags® are very quick and simple to fill on or off site and can be installed far quicker than other revetment types. This saves site resources and greatly cuts construction time on site.

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