Filling AquaRockBags®

  • AquaRockBags® are typically filled at job site using a portable filling jig. The filling process is very quick and requires basic site staff training only.
  • A white marker rope indicates the filling level and is not to be exceeded.
  • Each net comes with a lifting eye and all ties.


Installing the AquaRockBag®

  • AquaRockBags® can be installed far quicker than other revetment types, saving site resources and cutting construction programme time on site.
  • The filled bags are flexible and conform well to undulations on the surface of the ground. As a result, less ground preparation is required compared to concrete block, rip-rap or gabion mattresses.
  • AquaRockBags® are easy to transport around site and positioned using a crane and a quick hitch. GPS can be used for increased precision, e.g. when when installed deep beneath the water surface.